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When the MPEG-3 (MP3) came out everything changed. Suddenly you could have high quality audio that barely took any space, an average .mp3 file would take up around 10x less space than a .wav file with the exact same content and around the same time, p2p was invented which also changed everything. With the average file hosting site the way it would work was that someone would upload a file to a main server and then if someone wanted to download said file they'd download off the server however with p2p users could directly share files between each other which got rid of expensive server costs almost entirely. When these 2 monumental inventions came together it created something huge; napster. napster was software where you could upload and download mp3s and get music for free it was released in 1999 and shut down only 2 years later in 2001 which just shows how much damage it did to the industry.